I'm in Technological Awe: Sunset and Sunrise Time-Lapse in High Dynamic Range

Don't we all love sunsets and sunrises? I have had the privilege of spending 2 weeks in a fabulous little desert town in Morocco called Goulmima  (note to my Moroccan friends: this is different to Guelmim !), and to witness some georgous sunrises and sunsets.
One of the things I have discovered is that all pleasures in life tend to be like food: they taste better shared. This is why I got motivated to wake up at 5am, walk to the top of the mountain nearest town and sit for 2 hours to capture this sunrise. 
These time-lapses are for me a great practice of patience: not only it takes time to capture the raw material but the processing afterwards took over 24 hours for each of the 2 clips!
The whole video has been made in High Dynamic Range, which means that for each frame, 3 photos have been taken (one normal, one extra bright and one extra dark) to get the most beautiful colours and lights everywhere. For example, the sunrise was originally composed of 2997 photos were merged into 999, which were then converted into the short 30 sec clips you see here. 
I am in awe with what technology allows us to do, about how technology helps us capture beautiful moments of life and share them. I hope this brings a smile to your face the same way as it did for me when I initially witnessed these miracles of nature.
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